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Muhammad Babangida: An Aficionado of the Remarkable Sport of Polo

Muhammad Babangida, as a sportsman, appreciates completely the stamina essential for a polo match. Take into account that the field is 300 yards long by 160 yards across. Additionally, a match consists of 6 “chukkers”, which is another term for periods. With his extensive experience with the game, Mr. Babangida recognizes that strategy and anticipation are a couple of the most vital aspects in polo.

Polo carries a rich history as being a fast, challenging, as well as spectator-friendly sport. Among the earliest team sports, it has a reputation for being intense and even dangerous. Muhammad Babangida understands the beauty along with the complexities of participating in this majestic game. He has a history of play with the El-Amin Polo Team, which formed in October 1995. In fact, he’s the founder and patron of the club. The club has an affiliation with the Nigerian Polo Association.

Additionally, Muhammad Babangida is a skilful polo player who has an enthusiastic passion for the overall game. He is also a member of the Kaduna Polo Club in Kaduna, Nigeria. He is a leader of Nigeria’s current generation of young polo players. Nigeria carries a storied history of polo playing. Polo was first played in the nation in 1904 in Lagos. Among the thrills to those who take part in the activity is the speed and agility of the thoroughbred horses they ride. Additionally, the precision of the shots players make with the mallet are just as thrilling.


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